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Fall in love with Dirndl – right now at right here

Short, mid-length, long, cheeky, young, pink, embroidered – in short: Dirndl in all shapes, styles and colours are our passion!, Our Online Store has been actively providing you with the most beautiful Dirndl dresses & blouses of the respective season. We stock more than 400 varieties in our range just for you – for every taste, whatever your budget.


We have been selling Dirndl dresses, blouses and more accessories; as well as traditional dress for men, women and children. Lederhosen, traditional shirts & blouses, alpine-style shoes & many more. We have everything the heart desires!

Dirndl & Lederhosen for Weddings, Costume Parties & Summer Festivals!

We have Dirndl & Lederhosen to fit every occasion! The times in which traditional fashion was only worn in places like Munich has been over for quite a few years! Just as the wearing of traditional German dress, takes place during numerous festivals and special occasions throughout Germany, Trachten can be worn for all kinds of events where formal, classy and fashionable attire is required.

To make sure that you are able to navigate through the world of traditional fashion, we have compiled a helpful Glossary for you, within which you will find the most common phrases and exclusive vocabulary of traditional-fashion. We wish you a pleasant visit at!

Short, mid-length, long, nervy, youthful, pink, weaved – in short: Dirndl in all shapes, styles and hues are our obsession!, Our Online Store has been effectively giving you the most excellent Dirndl dresses and pullovers of the individual season. We stock in excess of 400 assortments in our range only for you – for each taste, whatever your spending limit.

we have been selling Dirndl dresses, shirts and frill; just as conventional dress for men, ladies and kids. Lederhosen, customary shirts and pullovers, snow capped style shoes and more. We have everything the heart wants!

With incredible embellishments, the Midi Dirndl outfit can be superbly supplemented!

Indissoluble connected to the Dirndl is the common cover whose circle, contingent upon how it is bound, sells out something about the relationship status of the wearer.

In our broad online shop, you won’t just locate a wide determination of delightful Midi Dirndl in various hues and cuts with a trademark, medium skirt length. You can likewise discover frill like

  • Trachten style shoes and socks
  • Dirndl covers, pullovers and clothing
  • Bavarian style totes and gems

Find shabby conventional German outfits at

Notwithstanding whether you pick a cotton Midi Dirndl or a sweet overhang Midi Dirndl dress: In our wide extend, you will without a doubt locate a lovely Dirndl that suits you splendidly — because of sizes going from 32 to 50.

If it’s not too much trouble help us to spread Bavarian design everywhere throughout the world!